Dear mister Firework person, It’s bad form to shoot off a massive firework display over the East river 7 days before the 4th of July at 10:30 pm. for (what I can see) no real reason at all. You may have taken years off of my life. And Toby’s as well. It’s bad form to assume that folks here have forgotten about what they saw last year. It’s bad form to do so without any warning at all. It’s bad form to do so from Midtown Manhattan. It’s just bad form all around.
Please be kind enough to think about others and know that some of us aren’t instantly going to be running, gleefully for the fridge in search of another bud, slapping the ass of the nearest person and shouting, “HAPPY FRIGGIN 4TH, BUDDY! AMERICA FRIGGIN RULES!!!” I do love this country and I plan on having a veggie burger come Thursday, but if you don’t stop randomly shooting off firework displays outside my window late at night, I might not see Thursday. At least a Thursday in New York City.
Thank you. Have some Pop Rocks.


  1. Now don’t go and let this spoil your day!


  2. Oye, I was going to email you asking if those were fireworks. I had just hit the sleep state when I heard the first explosion. Groggy, I thought the storm had returned. Loud sound number 2, in a more alert state, I realized was too short to be thunder. Uh-oh. Now what’s going on? Would someone really attack Greenpoint? Well, there was that fair nearby, but who in their right mind sets off fireworks at that hour on a weeknight? Was it delayed because of the storm? Amazingly, I didn’t have to get up to convince myself everything was okay. Why? After about 20 explosions, I still hadn’t heard any sirens. Yup, lack of sirens is what finally calmed my nerves.

    To whoever decided to put those on: up yours. You should have saved them for a week and not caused me to once again miss my minimum target for sleep.


  3. are fireworks legal in ny (for home/personal use)? they aren’t legal here, and around this time of year, i hear so so many funny commercials for over the border firework purchasing….


  4. I don’t think home use ones are legal, but someone nearby me has been having fun with them the past few weeks. It’s a little weird hearing bottle rockets going off in the ‘backyard’ and other small explosions in the street. Actually, now that you mention it, I don’t feel too comfortable with them anymore. These Greenpoint places probably do a good job of imitating kindling.

    Oh well, what can you do?


  5. now really, this was HUGE I mean, this was not kid in the backyard shooting off bottlerockets, this was some HUGE display of wealth.

    Thing that gets me is this anyone who wasn’t actually involved with the display had no IDEA they were going to happen. So it’s really just selfish and thoughtless IMO.

    Not that i want a warning everytime a loud noise is going to shoot off, but this was a little out of hand.

    Best part is this: Toby says last night while we’re making dinner (his sister and her husband and the baby are coming in town this weekend from Georgia) he says,

    Well, this weekend will be the safest, you would think, being the week before the 4th and hearing all the rumors about how terrorism will strike then… I think this weekend will be the safest.”

    And we all had a chuckle.

    We laid down for sleep and BOOM! CRASH BOOM!

    The glow formed red, fire-like patterns on our wall from the relfection of the water.

    I nearly shat myself. I swear. Both of our hearts stopped. Even for a moment.

    next week should be a fucking BLAST!

    (pun intended)


  6. That reminds me of President Bush’s first state dinner last year, with Mexican President Fox. They had a full-on fireworks celebration at like 11 pm on a Wednesday night. No word of warning to his neighbors, which include most of the District of Columbia. I woke up thinking I was hearing rapid gunshots mixed with severe lightning. You should’ve seen the backlash on the Wash. Post reader letters page.


  7. It ain’t right. And if it happen in DC I would have probably been like one of the many missing animals who get lost during the 4th.

    sorry, missy. :( I feel your pain.

    I hope someone out there gets a word of the reactions. Someone who decided it was a good idea.


  8. rachel mentioned this morning having possibly heard an announcement on NPR about fireworks being set off at some point…

    even if they were warning folks, doing so on NPR?

    i suppose it’s only necessary to warn reclusive elderly women?

    (i love npr, btw. i love them and their Schvetty Balls. oh, and the ‘real’ NPR, too.)


  9. Yeah, ok, I’m thinking NPR wouldn’t be the best bet. Right.

    Maybe FOX news or the New York Post? Or Freakgirl? Yes.


  10. I’m jumpy about stuff like that, too. When I hear loud, unexpected noises every muscle in my body tenses until I learn what it is. Very loud, low flying planes scare me. Fireworks too. In May some of my neighbours set off fireworks in the park at the end of my street, and since I forgot it was Victoria Day I was shitting my pants. There should be fireworks on Monday for Canada Day, too, but this time I’m ready. Bring it on!


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