1. you and toby aren’t mapping nyc dogparks for an upcoming puppy-snatch? are you?


  2. indeed we are. we must figure out which way we will run once said pup is beneath the arm.

    gotta make a fast break and all.

    I’m thinking a little bush diving then over the bench and through the subway (spare a buck fitty cuz our dog is worth it) to the other side, cut down by the Virgin mega store, hit 4th avenue… we’re dog free.


  3. really? i’d take the northern route…

    hit it before 5pm, when the outdoor market is in full effect

    grab the dog, hop the fence, jump off the platform onto the street below

    lose them in the sea of people, there are 2 subway entrances

    jump in one, drop the $1.50

    travel underground to the southeast corner of the subway, hop out on those escalators on 14th—the ones kinds near virgin, under that supermarket. i think its off irving…

    walk a block east, then north towards grammarcy park

    you’re in the home stretch. walk the dog through grammarcy. make it look like its yours, and hop in a cab on the other side

    you’re set.


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