Great, Odd Lyrics

Great, odd, strange lyrics… GO!!!

Is there a doctor in the house? In the house of pancakes.


  1. All the people are so happy now, their heads are caving in /I’m glad they are a snowman with protective rubber skin
    But every little thing’s a domino that falls on different dots/And crashes into everything that tries to make it stop

    or anything else written by they might be giants


  2. speaking of which, has anyine been to

    oranges/oranges/oranges and graphic design….


  3. ha ha ha!!!

    That’s where mister Tobyjoe works :)



  4. ha!
    that is so funny, ed and his friend have been talking about that place for about a week. and singing the damn song.


  5. That damn song. You’ll sing till you’re purple.

    Funny story. Before I knew Toby, and before the newer version of, I had the Chopping Block as my featured Design shop. Saying how great they were, and how much I love them, etc. And then I met him and it was still up there and I felt so silly like I ran home and did it for him or something.


    It’s gone now.


  6. i hate shit like that. being like- no! really! it is a coincidence. feeling like a jackass. and there’s nothing you can do about it.
    it does seem like a very cool company though. the website is pretty kicking. and the client list impressive.
    but the song- fun at first- then you realize it is the instrument of the devil. a bad deal.


  7. “somebody is crouching in a corner i’ve ignored since i was knee-high to an aunt i’d never met
    there’s a theraputic pillow on the floor beneath a darker piece of wall that is continually wet”
    Chris Knox “a song to welcome the onset of maturity” (the song actually gets better as it goes along, but i can’t fid the lyrics online anywhere)

    i agree with resa on teh TMBG tip and so i add this one as well:
    “she threw away her baby doll i held on to my pride
    i was young and foolish then, i feel old and foolish now.
    confidentially, she never called me baby doll.
    confidentially, i never had much pride.”

    “the 5% nation of __” fill in the blank with pretty much anything and you get “casiotone nation” by soul coughing.

    “eskimos hate jimmy buffet
    and i’m moving to madagascar”
    was part of a song a friend and i wrote…

    “i’ve got a sickness, sweet as a love note.
    i’ve got a headache, like a pillow”
    big black “L dopa”

    “to the one true god above here is my prayer
    not the first you’ve heard but the first i wrote
    not the first but the others were a long time ago
    there are two people here, and i want you to kill them…”
    shellac “prayer to god”

    “your style is like garbage cans, meant to be taken out on a weekly basis.
    you play sorry i play chess”
    clutch “be careful with that mic”

    “late to work again today
    somebody’s lyin’ down on teh job again
    will you people please stop jumpin in front of my train?
    ladies and gentlemen there will be a slight delay
    while we hose the blood away”
    cop shoot cop “got no soul”


  8. okay one more for now…

    “transit moscow, 3:15 am
    holdin’ a sign in the rain
    he sees the border guards gaping at his tank
    says ‘open that gate while you still can
    microdisney “armadillo man”


  9. you know that johnny werzner kid – the kid who delivers papers in the neighborhood? he’s a fine kid. some of the neighbors say he smokes crack, but i don’t believe it. anyway, for his 10th birthday, all he wanted was a burrow owl, just like his old man. “dad, get me a burrow owl. i’ll never ask for anything else as long as i live”. so the guy breaks down and buys him a burrow owl. anyway at 10:30 the other night i go out into my yard and there’s the werzner kid looking up in the tree. i said, “what are you looking for?” he said, “i’m looking for my burrow owl.” i say, “jumping jesus on a pogo stick. everybody knows that a burrow owl lives in a hole in the ground. why the hell do you think they call it a burrow owl, anyway?”

    dead milkmen/stuart


  10. Cop shoot cop. Yip!

    At the Drive in
    in my old man’s Porsche
    behind em bushes
    I hear that yer screaming for more.


  11. down the basement/lock the cellar door/ and baby…


  12. YAYA!!

    Resa you just entered land of oh-so-cool.


  13. okay, poorly written english lyrics by japanese acts have to make the list too…

    “we do need a place to eat
    please let us find a home
    we do need a place to please
    please let us find a home

    do you remember when you were small
    all the people seemed so tall
    blowin in the wind was the answer was

    everybody gotta have a home
    a cozy home
    giants and a gnome
    please take me home”
    natural calamity “home”


  14. thanks mihow! never knew talk dirty to me would take me so far…:)


  15. ha ha ha! Nifkin, wow. That’s freaky weird shit. Love it.


  16. They call us problem child/ We spend our lives on trial/ We walk an endless mile/ We are the youth gone wild/ We stand and we won’t fall/ We’re the one and one for all/ The writing’s on the wall/ We are the youth gone wild

    i really thought i was so badass…


  17. bah we all did. Well I did. I thought, no wait, I KNEW I was the shit. Little did I know, how silly I really was and how much I would change.

    goofy. :)

    But it’s fun to laugh at yourself, eh?


  18. o i totally did. that was the fun of it.


  19. “i am just an atom in an ectoplasmic sea
    without direction or a reason to exist
    the anechoic nebula rotating in my brain is persuading me, contritely, to persist “

    -delerium of disorder, Bad Religion



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