A friendly plea

The black toilet causes me enough distress, but this was just too much.

Hello everyone.

I do realize we are all very busy and sometimes even taking time out of one’s busy day to use the toilet is a hassle. But please, I beg of you, take about 5 more seconds and (at the very least) grab a new roll of toilet paper before leaving the bathroom and place it within arm’s reach for the next person. It’s not hard. And we all know, drip-drying sucks. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it will make people happy. You don’t even have to put it on the actual dispenser. :)

Thank you muchly,



  1. You know, there are some things you’d think you would not have to tell people.


  2. ha ha ha!

    Seriously though, this is the fourth time.

    is it one person? is it several? I don’t get it. I await hateful returns. :) I will post them here.

    We shall see.


  3. I have turned into Jerry McGuire.

    Next thing you’ll know I’ll be fired.

    check this one out:

    Michelle: (wrong spelling but who cares)
    Thank you so much for actually sending that out. I find myself having to check all of the time if there is paper when I am even just walking by the restrooms, because I feel responsible for re-stocking everything, Sometimes it is that I just have more important things to do then clean up after everyone though.*) But as you said in your email it only takes a few seconds to put paper back next to the toilet not even on the wall itself, especially if they are the last person to use the little that is left. *) I am glad that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way, I just never had the guts to send the email because I never wanted anyone to take it the wrong way! But thank youuuuu!! ( you said it in the nicest way possible)



  4. surely the frat boys wouldn’t interfere w/ anything that involves women talking about the bathroom?


  5. ::covers Alias guy’s ears::

    Indeed. I see their looks. They’ll silence the miohw. Or worse, they’ll lock me in the bathroom, sucked in by that damn toilet.

    A horrible nightmare, I am sure.


  6. this just in:

    unfortunately it’s the most simple of things, that seem to be oh so difficult.


  7. damn. “oh so difficult” is sounding a little snooty to me…..good luck….

    and i am wicked scared of your work bathroom. i saw the picture you posted before. scary. one of the toilets here just overflowed a hour or so ago. it was fantastico.


  8. It’s a terrible thing that I must fear something we all have to do.

    Bathroom stuff pretty much (all around) horrifies me. Every sense I have stands up and lets out a blood-curdling scream in certain bathrooms, at certain times. Truly horrible. Sense overload should be had during only happy times, times of joy, not something one must do every day.

    And with that being said, you would think people would try and make the best of the shit (pun intended) but nooooooooooo…


  9. Mihow,

    For Xmas I will buy you 1 (one) copy of Naked Pictures of Famous People and 2 (two) 4 packs of Quilted Charmin.


  10. ha ha ha

    I don’t know what to do with that comment.


  11. ha, i am with you there. apparently the overflow problem here was bad enough for my boss to go to the bathroom while i was at the cafeteria, see the mess, and LEAVE ME A NOTE saying- resa, please call such and such and have them call the janitor because a toilet has overflowed and it is really bad.

    wtf? she can’t make that real difficult call herself?
    i guess the moral is we are all afraid of various aspects of bathroomness.
    by the way, people who are permanently incapable of changing or at least removing empty toilet paper rolls drive me absolutely apeshit. your note summed up the stupidity of it all perfectly.


  12. it’s due time for a toilet revolution


  13. Gets home…checks mihow.com…wtf!!!

    How’d I get pulled in with the anti-toilet paper people? You know, we (former “frat boys”) don’t all know (or like) each other.

    For the record, I’m all for toilet paper, soap, white toilets, cleanliness in general, nice co-workers, not locking people in bathrooms and not stealing people’s veggie lunches (or non-veggie lunches for that matter).

    Off to do a keg stand…:)


  14. ha ha ha

    you big freaky frat boy. :)


  15. Alias Guy- not you frat boys, the other ones….



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