Beth Orton

For the desperate fucks looking for pictures of young girls. Get your mind off your dick, get your lazy,
ass off the internet and go do something productive. You make me sick.

Here is a picture for you….


  1. It’s okay, dear, I would be tired too. Where was the show, by the way?


  2. It was at the Bowery Ballroom. Great place for shows. But damn! They need to start them earlier. :)


  3. I hear you. By the time everyone left my place last night (around 11:30), I was lying on the sidewalk, trying to take a quick nap.


  4. (and i was not drunk, thank you)


  5. Freakgirl: Yeah, but you were tired because you got no sleep the night before, right?

    I can’t do the late nights out anymore either without hurting the next day. I used to go out clubbing with my friends, go to work about 4 hours after I got home, and then go clubbing again that night. Nowadays, I can stay up late at home, but going out and staying up late takes up so much more energy.

    I don’t think you’re getting old, but I do think that the body in the late 20s is different from the body in the early 20s.

    Especially since you were up early and worked all day before you went to the show, right?


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