I am a negative. I have gone to certain places and experienced a certain amount of exposure today. And I might know the amount of time which went in to today’s experience and all that I saw. Time (right now) acts as a fixer. My skin will (eventually) let me know what disaster I put it through today. I can see it ever so slightly, forming beneath a now, low man-cast light. I am on fire. It is not pleasant. The wash will come to burn. And I am sure to toss and turn beneath a soft sheet as if it were sandpaper. Not even a repetitive, painful experience, can help a stupid white girl when she’s smack downtown, mid-day beneath a blazing ball of fire 150,000,000 KM away from claiming all of us as its helpless, stupid, white pieces of ash.

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  1. dont wash your face w/anything harsh. just try some witch hazel on a cotton ball.

    instead of your regular moisturizer, try some aloe gel. just make sure to wash it well off in the morning (again, nothing harsh)

    you’ll recover.


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