psghetti loops

Today I brought a canned lunch. It’s called P’sghetti Loops. It has fake meatballs, cheese and noodles. I am excited to try this little treat. I bet everyone is jealous of me. (Sorry my picture is ugly).


  1. I’m jealous. Annie’s rules.

    If you’re interested, my lunch today is cheddar cheese and veggie baloney on whole wheat with tomatoes. And probably some potato chips, because I can’t live without them.


  2. holy cow, i’m hungry. perhaps i’ll break the don’t eat before noon rule.

    i want chips. ME ME ME!


  3. There are plenty of chips to go around, dear.


  4. food update…

    this shit is KICK ASS IN A CAN!



  5. my friend owns stock in annie’s…




  6. i think i’ll have a juice this afternoon, to take a break from the delicious water diet i’m on.

    i’m both excited and scared of even juice.


  7. I own stock in water.


  8. I own stock in juice.


  9. Juice Newton?

    She’s excited about you.


  10. Freakgirl, you should devote the next few years to trying to get onto this page

    She told me you are the angle of her morning.


  11. ha

    or angel.

    no, angle.



  12. the angle. oh, man, that made me spit water on my keyboard.

    I think my favorite fan club member is Dan Crum.


  13. are you going to share this with the rest of the class? Or are you going to make me google….


  14. Look at the page you posted, dumbass.



  15. jon that is the cutest thing in the world.


  16. ha ha ha! (I’m slow).

    Damn! Dan is hot! HOT!

    He’s just using her to get to Wham.


  17. ok

    that kitten…

    oh man. I don’t know what to say. holy shit, that’s cute.


  18. that kitten is the new star of our office. If we’re going to post cute things, check this out:


  19. is that monkey wearing makeup?

    I want to hug a puppy.

    i want that kitten.

    ME ME ME!!


  20. Monkeys don’t need makeup. They are naturally beautiful.

    I am going to buy you a monkey. It can carry your camera for you on the subway.


  21. Yes. There is no way people will notice a monkey with a camera. That’s a great plan.

    Can you make sure he comes with a riding crop and a saddle for the kitten?

    This one will do.


  22. you can thank frank for that kitten link

    the only kitten site i knew about before that was

    and that scared me

    speaking of monkeys…

    i took this picture in kenya. its always haunted me. we’ve always associated blue w/boys, and pink w/girls. i thought that was just society brainwashing us.

    then i see these two monkeys. the girl has pink nipples, and the boy has baby blue testicles. now i dont know what to believe anymore.


  23. Pot, you’re black.


  24. I love this website because we are so good at throwing a thread so very, very far off track.

    To quote mihow, “YAYA!”


  25. jon, baby blue testicles?

    Freakgirl, make sure this is NOT my monkey.

    I was told blue balls were a myth. Boys are weird. Even monkey-males. Weird.


  26. Here I’ll make some sense of it now….

    Today I brought a canned lunch, a riding crop and a saddle to work. It’s called P’sghetti Loops, poops and pink nipples. It has fake baby blue monkeyballs. I am excited to try this little treat. I bet everyone is jealous of me and my kitten. .(Sorry my picture of me with Juice Newton is so ugly).


  27. I’ve never heard of Annie’s canned anything. I’m not keen on canned spaghetti…would this stuff change my mind?

    OMG!!! I just looked at the kitten and my head practically flew off! That is too cute. It’s the look on its face, is what it is. I love it! I laughed so hard.


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