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I just woke up. It’s 11:30. We had a bit of a scare last night, We rushed Toby to the ER around Midnight. He’s ok. He’s sleeping. It was scary but I think he’s ok. I think it might be time to consider leaving New York. More on that after I find work and make sure they haven’t fired me. (work?)


  1. is he alright? are you okay?

    get the heck outta that town already. how many times do we have to keep saying that? huh? well?…


  2. What the hell happened?


  3. Sorry. After I’m fully awake, I will write more on the main page.

    It has nothing directly to do with New York. I was referring to the stress (assuming that is what helped).

    I should let him explain, but basically his insides started to give up. Shivers. Shakes. Peeing non-stop. He was in severe pain and kept moving from one fetal position to another. Shaking his hands. His eyes were all messed up and he was sweating beneath a down conforter and two layers of cloths. I didn’t know what was going on or what to do. So I called the the ER. We spent hours there. They gave him meds. Stuck things in places. Put needles in. Took blood. Gave him more stuff. (I don’t think, however that he was in Rachel’s bed).

    He has to visit a specailist now. We’re not really sure what happened last night but must try and prevent it the next time. We’re waiting on his blood work. He will see a doc next week.

    But he’s fine. :)

    (thank goodness)


  4. I’m glad everything is ok. :)

    I hope everything works out with the tests as well.


  5. i was diagnosed a couple years ago with a hiatal hernia. not a big deal in and of itself, and many folks (especially tense types, like myself) get them, but it is one of those special conditions with lots of possible complications and lots of triggers, things that can make it really bad.

    the real issue is that my stomach has been, since i was a child, more since i moved to nyc, eating itself slowly. your stomach is just protein – pure protein. a sack of it, or rather, a sack made from it. it’s really tender and thin, but has a nice layer of mucus protecting it from the hydrocloric acid (same stuff used industrially, will dissolve metal) it secretes.

    what has happened to me is that the mucus has been damaged and the stomach has been dissolving in (likely multiple) places. it’s rather easy for one of these spots, these ulcers, to perforate. when that happens, acid leaves your stomach, air leaves your stomach, and you bleed internally and are in extreme pain from the air in places it should not be. you also go into shock.

    it doesn’t seem that i have perfed, though this is the second major, ‘call the OR now’ scare i’ve had.

    what did happen is that my belly has been damaged severely and i did start to go into shock. the pain was so bad, and my bodys own pain (if you want to call it that, the pain you don’t notice but your body does) was extreme…

    i was severly dehydrated, despite doing nothing but drink water all day and night.
    my blood was so thick they couldn’t get more than a few drops out for labs. my hand is still swollen from the poking the phlebotomist did when tapping me.

    they had me drink some sort of lidocaine drink to kill the pain, gave me proton pump inhibitors (to stop production of acid) and a prescription for the same.

    i lapsed last time, but from now on, i pretty much have to stick to:

    no booze
    no caffeine
    no coffee
    no spicy
    no overeating
    no grease
    no stress
    no nsaids

    there are more rules, but i conveniently follow them naturally. you’re supposed to stop dairy immediately, since it take so much out effort to digest. i love when, in special instances, doctors admit certain things no one likes to admit, hehe.

    time to get my script filled and work from home.


  6. i will now hand down another <a href="NIFKIN PROCLAMATION>

    nobody is allowed to be sick any more. okay? NOBODY!

    you all should just keep that in mind…

    so hath nifkin spoken so shalt it be done…


  7. is it just our field of work that breeds these stomach problems?

    I have a very similar thing, and I know of others who are in the same boat. Time to start lookinbg at that farm in nebraska again…


  8. no kidding. we’re considering vermont.

    and it’s lifestyle that breeds these problems, so i’m sure our field contributes to it, at least sets the stage for whatever could play out.

    but really the rest is up to us. my lifestyle is damned healthy, and the doctors are always shocked when they learn i’m a vegan who has never tried a cigarette and has, on average, 2 drinks per week, rides a bike, and has no children.

    those at risk are the exact opposite – people with poor diets, smokers, heavy drinkers or beer drinkers (beer damages a weak belly easier than booze, believe it or not), lazy folks, etc.

    i do overeat and do not get enough exercise, but that isn’t the cause for me.

    when i was a baby, i had a stomach disorder that could be repaired one of two ways: a risky and problematic cheap way, and a safe and simple expensive way. until i was 19, i was on welfare, so you can guess which operation i was put through :)

    but yeah, sitting around all day in front of a computer, getting up only for snacks and shits, will pull you into a world of pain. the carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI are just the beginning…


  9. awwwwww, toby. I hope you feel better.

    Time for a vacation.


  10. i’ve said it before..

    consider california

    i’m going out midmonth for a few weeks. see friends, set up interviews, check out an apartment i’ve been offered.

    why? well, its not just the sun. or that there’s a lot more work there than in ny.

    school is cheap there. real cheap there. after residency, which is just a license, a utility bill, and registering to vote, good schools like ucla are 4k a year.

    4k a fucking year.

    i can’t find anything better than that (aside free or being an unaccredited institution)

    go to school w/me toby and michele.


  11. oh, and glad that you’re ok


  12. Toby, that’s awful. I hope you feel better and that you move somewhere nice and happy and all that. My sister’s got a stomach problem, too, but it’s not nearly as bad as yours. Something about the opening from her stomach to her esophagus getting stuck under itself…I don’t really understand it but she ends up in a lot of pain from it. I can only imagine how bad it is for you.

    I always wonder what vegans overeat. I don’t know anything really about vegan food and cooking, and while I’m sure there are lots of delicious and
    tening vegan things to eat I don’t know what they are.


  13. i still stand by the “starting a firm on a houseboat in the caribbean” idea…

    i’m also going to start looking at the whole veggie thing sometime soon (work + going away this weekend = not a lot of time right away), if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to pass them along…


  14. lots of carbs and fried foods and avocados and soy products (tofu cream cheese is my weakness. it’s just terrible for you and nothing but

    remember, vegan doesnt necessarily mean healthy… fast food french fried (unless from mcdonalds) are vegan, too :)


  15. nikin, come stay with us for a few days sometime. Toby has introduced me to foods I never knew existed. And most of them (I promise) are tastier than the meat thang aside from just being healthier. But in the meantime, I’m sure he’d be happy to help. He’s nice that way. :) I’ll help too, but I am afraid he’s more of the expert in the food department.

    When danny was here last, he had some fake turkey we had. And was amazed at how “real” it tasted. He talked about it for the duration of his stay. I can’t wait to have him return so we can enlighten him even further. :) Speaking of danny, he’ll be here in a few hours WOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. regarding the rest of your speakage, danke and come NMUF/FF2002 time i may have to come bug you…



  17. jezus christ man, I was scared for you there, well even though you’re alive for a good reason I was it looks like. be well and fuck coding for a while eh? i mean don’t code for a while.

    vermont is nice, people fall on their face snowboarding I’ve heard. also Maine is a haven for granola girls and other macrobiotic folk, I am sure they would embrace a vegan or two in their midst. ask bowden.

    oh and get well.


  18. Sweety pie. Take a rest. This job and city is not worth it. Didn’t September teach you anything? I guess I should address that to everyone including myself. It is so easy to get tripped up by the bull shit. You see it every day, tater. Life goes on. The Block goes on. Someone will move into that fabulous space of yours and so on… You have to do seasonal farming or something like that. Rob and I talk about that all of the time. You have yourself and Michelle. Get out of dodge. They also say that the true sign of a New Yorker is someone who talks about leaving and never does. Which are you?

    Go watch Sally Jesse and get off the damn computer! that is an order mister.


  19. Whoa, glad it sounds like you are doing better…you did not have a fun night at all, we’re all glad you’re ok. Hopefully the docs can fix you right this time. Do whatever you have to do to decrease your stress or whatever else is contributing to the problems my man. Your health is the most important thing. Hope my bad jokes and Tom’s awful singing are not adding to things.


  20. hey turkeys, when i said time to get my script filled and work from home, i meant work on Block stuff, from home, today.

    but NOOOOOOOOOO, no one sent me files…


  21. noooo instead they cared for your health, the bastards…


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