missing work and feeling guilty

What is it with this thick guilt thing I have when I miss work? I rarely miss work. I am rarely sick to the point of bed. But right now I am pacing back and forth thinking I should have gone to work and that I’m doing something wrong etc. I wanted to stay here and wait for results—make sure Toby is ok. I am not outside enjoying this AMAZING day, I promise. Ugh. I hate this feeling. Is it my Catholic upbringing? Is it just normal? And I can assure you after 6, when everyone from work is able to go home, I won’t feel so bad. It’s just so odd. What to do, what to do. You just always wonder, if when you return to the office the following day, they’ll have given away your desk and your chair and your sandwich to another person.


  1. It’s your
    her’s fault!

    Best wishes for Toby to get well quick. tell him to eat the cheesburger he earned and he’ll feel better.


  2. it’s almost 6pm, time to go home anyway. Relax.


  3. It’s somewhat normal – especially because you rarely miss work. I almost never miss a day of work and when I do, I feel like I should be there.

    If you missed a lot of work, you wouldn’t feel guilty, I think.

    It’s not a Catholic thing. I think it’s a responsibility thing. And a fear of losing your job thing.

    I read somewhere recently that those who think like this are always the best employees because they’re the ones who give a shit.

    It is sick though.


  4. I never stress about missing work. But I work in a, shall I say, quite lax environment. Although the company is hemorraghing money, it’s still a fun environment. Today I got to leave the staff meeting for 15 minutes to go walk the dog. Even when I call in sick, or am on vacation, I still call in every day and check my email. Even though I never get any email and no one ever calls…


  5. i give a shit, yet i come in late the same amount of time everyday, sometimes a bit extra late. wherever I work, except for meetings.Yet I still feel that I give the company what they need and then some. it’s not about sitting at your desk, it’s about doing good work when you sit at your desk. but you know….. maybe it’s my dutch reformed protestant upbringing.


  6. I agree with the comment about employees who feel bad about missing work are always the better employees. I also agree with the fear of losing your job. That fear is slightly irrational but you cant help being concerned about it because in this day and age, its such a cut-throat world and people wont think twice before sabotaging someone to get the better position. This world can be so cruel…not the natural world, the one man and men’s greed has created. Where is the justice?


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