Songs about genitalia. GO!!

  • Shaft
  • Grease Lightning
  • Diddle my Skittle


  1. Detachable Penis – King Missile
    The Power of Pussy – Bongwater
    LMLYP – Ween
    Monster in My Pants – Fred Schneider

    This game is fun!


  2. MONSTER IN MY PANTS?! I must hear this song!!!!

    Freakgirls said “Pussy”



  3. Does the ass count?


  4. ANYTHING by Peaches

    Givin’ a Dog a Bone – AC/DC

    The Lemon Song – Zeppelin

    Baby Got Back – Sir Mix Alot

    Face Down Ass Up, Me So Horny – 2 Live Crew


  5. ok, so the ass is on. bring on the ass.

    ass on ass off. ass-a-circle ass-a-circle. day of the ass.



  6. almost anything by the frogs, esp the radio hit ‘grandma’s in the corner with a penis in her hand screaming no no no no no’


  7. Givin’ a Dog a Bone – AC/DC
    (That is SO dirtee. So dirtee).

    Flower—Liz Phair


  8. holy shit, granny’s a ho.


  9. nah,if she were a ho, shed be screaming ‘yes yes yes yes yes’


  10. “pink thing” by XTC from ‘oranges and lemons’

    “put the coke on my dick” by ween probably counts too…

    this keyboard sucks…


  11. furthermore:

    “you suck” by consolidated with the yeastie girls

    does “the boy with the arab strap” count if an arab strap is a scottish name for something long the lines of a cock ring?…

    “trouser minnow” by rapeman

    “angry inch” by hedwig and the angry inch

    “moist vagina” by nirvna

    anything by pansy division is eventually about sex…

    a friend of mine runs a little “record label” that puts out mostly tapes and some CDs every now and then (and even vinyl on occasion). i have one with a track called “john lennon stuffed seven irish setters up frank sinatra’s pussy”…

    “the neden game” and “cotton candy” by insane clown posse (“cotton candy ain’t wet til you put it in your mouth”)…

    there’s others, but they span the offense-o-meter in ways that i’d rather not bring up in a family website. sufficed to say, they’re rap on the label run by ICP…


  12. OH! I forget about Trouser Minnow!!!



  13. No need to hold back nifkin, btw.


  14. well fine be that way…

    ESHAM has a track called “pussy ain’t got no face”…

    there, are you happy now?…


  15. well, if you want to go the ween route..

    strap on that jimmy pack
    flies on my dick
    touch my tooter
    waving my dick in the wind
    stroker ace

    fuck.. all their songs are about their dicks. those are just the most apparent.

    my friends once had a band called ‘the shorty cooter johnston family gimmick band’

    amazingly, they didn’t realize that nearly every word in their name was slang for a penis. they just thought the name sounded real white trash. and, well, they wanted to be the world’s greatest white trash band.


  16. but they all attended Yale, ol’ chap, here here, right-o.

    snobby punks romanticizing adversity are almost as bad as aggressive cynics operating on nothing but guesses.


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