Feet Captivator

It’s really annoying when I suddenly remember the bottoms of my feet. Especially when they’re crammed into shoes and they’re sweaty and they start asking to come out again. And I could slightly move them this morning within my shoe, a foot’s captivator. But not enough and so I freed them for a second just to let them know that it’s not forever. I relaxed by telling myself that when I get home or to work or wherever it may be I can sit for a while, I will let them rest on top of their captivator and make it their bitch. It’s my foot’s fetish to be freed. They are free right now. shhhhhhh

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  1. oof.

    I feel for you, my feet feel for you… but I fear unleashing my “pavement pistons” from their shoes as it can be a thermo-nuclear aroma :/


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