Beth Orton

I love Beth Orton. I do. And I have wondered when this damn woman is going to release another cd. Does ANYONE know? Please, if you know anything, tell me. I have a huge donut from Dean and Deluca. I will share.


  1. KICK ASS!! woop!

    YAYA!! thanks girlie!


  2. is it a split-pea donut?

    did you ever find out what that fucked up lookin one was?…


  3. Oddly I received this AIM as I received your post, nifkin.

    electricgolem: i will get that ass donut in NY


  4. but to answer your question. It is the same size and it’s from Dean and Deluca. But it is a regular plain, glazed donut. Sans boogies, ass berries, and nuts.


  5. and I will EAT it.
    Yes, I will eat the ass donut and the pb&j and the Taco Belle and all that the cornicopia of culinary delights that the new world can cram down my distended craw.

    and when I leave they’ll have to get Greenpeace to roll me off the Wharf and float me home.


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