Here are some photos from last night. I saw nothing too exciting this morning so I kept my camera in my pocket.


  1. I love your pictures today. :)


  2. that’s because i’m in them you dirty, dirty little girl.

    mihow is gonna be slizznammed by the lizznadies today due to my overwhelming sizznexxiness.

    but alas, I belong only to nifkin.


  3. tobyjoe, one word for you: slut.

    thanks freakgirl. see how I can make almost everyone appear sexy? I work that camera, I do. It is such my bitch. And if you’re in my viewfinder? You too become my bitch.


  4. speaking of making one “my bitch”, this goes back to the frat boy discussion the other day.

    Three in the morning at a dinner that I am working at. A table of drunk frat boys. Leader of said table decides to make a table of girls cry. I tell them they have to calm down. Leader decides I am a much easier target than a table of girls and starts screaming at me “I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU MY BITCH!!!” all the while being “held back” by his friends. I laughed, which probably didn’t help the situation. He went into a bigger rage so that all the dinner is now watching him scream about making me his bitch. So, I grab a large, heavy plate and hold it. And he yells “What are you going to do, hit me with a plate?!!!??”. And I said “Yes, I get payed nothing here and there is no way I’m letting you make me your bitch.”

    This sets him off more which makes me laugh harder. His friends finally drag him out of the dinner all the while he’s looking for someone to fight. So our 6’6 300lb. cook comes out for a little late night fun. His friends dropped him fast and left him to beg out of a fight.

    Memories, like the something of the something. Misty colored Memories, from the corner of my mind.


  5. I want to be Mihow’s bitch!


  6. woop!

    since mister tobyjoe is dating nifkin now, I guess my time just freed up. My camera needs some action. And you won’t have to take your cloths off. And I don’t know any midgets. :/ I hope that doesn’t change your mind.

    (what the hell am I talking about?)


  7. No midgets? Forget it.


  8. The real story of Rob’s:

    Frat guys get angry at the interruption of fun. They yell and scream at waiter. Waiter yells and screams back. Huge dishwasher comes to save said waiter from a serious ass-beating.

    Years later, under hypnosis, waiter’s shrink tells this story. Waiter likes it, it increases his self-esteem. Waiter believes it.


  9. rob was a tough guy back then.

    he had a Flock Of Seagulls haircut and a Morrissey Meat is Murder t-shirt.

    His leggings were the real sign of total IRS records obsessed alt-rock rage.


  10. still a tough guy now, biatch.

    and I don’t doubt for a second that the guy would have kicked my ass, that’s why I was going to use the plate. I have no shame when it involves pain. The story is accurate. But my shrink did bring forth a repressed memory where mom and dad bring home a child they found in the woods being raised by resus monkeys and try to pawn it off as a “younger brother.” It took 4 months to break you of the habit of throwing your poo any time someone came close to your cage.


  11. You’re mistaken, Rob. The feral child you claim as your younger brother only flung poo at you. You’re shrink added the memory of flinging at everyone so you didn’t feel too bad about yourself. And that younger brother would still fling poo at you today if you tried to show up.

    But for all those years of dirtying you up with his poo, he’d like to offer to clean your clock this weekend at golf. It appears nature will save you, though.


  12. hi, I’m mihow and we’re the howleys. my mom writes porn e-mails, my dad and my boyfriend think I’m gay and my brothers fling poo.


  13. you castrated your cat and you’ve had your ear taped to your forehead.

    and you were impregnated by a MonChiChi yesterday.

    Forget the Osbournes…


  14. If any of you want a real and current insight to Frat Boys simply visit the attached sports board link and see some of the fallout from the football player/fratboy fight. On the BWI page look for the McAndrew message board on the left side. One post by Turban Cowboy – Guys that knock Fraternities – says it all. They just don’t get it! There is a lot of good reading on this site and, of course, some morons as well.


  15. Move over Ozzie – here comes the Howleys.


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