This is a poem (in 10 minutes or less) of my search strings in the exact order they appear before me.

Back with during the prohibition on idioms and liquor
There was a photo with a dog with a horse butt
Parker Posey saw the sighting and took the picture
while dr. zizmore took pictures of girls inserting tampons.
You might wonder if you give a bum a dollar will the difference be an angel sent from god above
and if so will sexy girls secrete
I saw spiderman movie clips of kirsten dunst at the rain
she used to work at giving handjobs in her car at lunch
but now? she does bachelor party invites and
tells brothers and sisters it’s bad to give each other handjobs.
While taking buck johnson to the prom and singing dougie fresh songs
dr zizmore forgot he doesn’t get his period during a fight club communication
and girls inserting tampons is not as exciting as people apparently think
now girl using toilet to change tampon
that’s a real handjob treat.
And you loser like people driving kia’s and acting like buck johnson?
I am frightened for the mihow.
Hell, If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em right?


  1. that’s almost as good as the mihowism poems…



  2. That is my favorite poem. I may steal (er, I mean “borrow”) this idea and use it myself. Of course I will give proper credit.

    Yesterday one of my search strings was “high heel child pictures.” I weep for this country.


  3. borrow away! i am all for borrowing. I am. :) it’s fun too!


  4. where is my name? what’s my name!!


  5. and now for some random mihowism poetry…

    ::clears throat::

    you are all evil. little devils. small evil, little devils. and these little plans I have…


    mihow is now known as viagra.
    i think it’s time for a timeout
    I kick your ass
    slip and slide meat carpet


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