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We went to the Toys ‘R Us at Times Square. It was quite a treat. We met ET and something weird looking. And there were screaming kids and parents who were probably trying to lose them. And there was a mihow and a tobyjoe taking it all in and then having a drink.


  1. “this, whatever it is” is THE TERMINATOR!

    god, and here i thought you people were SMRT…



  2. smArt

    i am typo-correction KING!!!!!


  3. geek

    I can sadly say, I don’t think I have ever seen that film. I must correct this little problem.

    I knew who ET was, DIDN’T I?!


  4. I went to that store a few months ago. I got scared. Too many noises and childrens and screaming and bright lights. I need to try again.


  5. uhhh toby, if I’m not mistaken, nifkin was making a reference to the Simpson’s where Homer starts signing about how smart he is but says “I am so smart! I am so smart! S M R T! S M R I mean A R T!”

    Either that or I watch too much TV.


  6. yes, Rob. Toby knows that. He just likes to correct people. I’m afraid Toby knows the simpson’s all too well :) He is indeed smrt.


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