new bike

Toby put together a bike for me to replace the one which was cut up. It’s purty. It’s orange.


  1. it’s my khs track bike, converted to a single-speed (flip-flop, so the fixed gear is still on the other side in case mihow decides to become a tuffguy at any point)

    nice Reynolds 520 steel frame, Nitto stem, Suzue hubs…

    she’s gonna rule nyc with that misfits sticker on the head tube.

    and she’s buying me an X-Box in exchange!!!


  2. or a ps2. i can’t decide.


  3. whichever has a better version of Tetris. That’s all that really matters.


  4. I have orange pants, too.


  5. oh yeah? well I took buck johnson to the prom.

    freakgirl, let’s start “wear your orange pants to work day”. you down? not your pants, just you. you down?

    (btw, see? I do have pants).


  6. Okay. I’ll do Wear Your Orange Pants to Work Day. Although last time I did, the gay accountant took me aside and said, “You know, I’m with you on every part of your enseble. Except the orange pants. What the hell is wrong with you?”

    And yeah, sure, you have pants.


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