I think I could enjoy this more if someone would just say, “Hey, you know what? It’s all going to be alright. Stop worrying so much.” And if they did I probably wouldn’t believe them anyway. I want to take everyone I like and put them in my pocket and take them to the park. We can sit down on the grass, (where there is no such thing as the other side) and make pets out of clouds. We could sit there and blow big bubbles where the only hint of negativity is the distant sound of an airplane.

I want to know that next year people will be nicer and that bills will be paid off and that we’ll live somewhere closer to relaxation and fresh vegetables and stability. Where my only relative annoyance is having to mow the lawn or rake the leaves. And my laughter isn’t one huge insane burp but a more evenly-paced, loyal friend. I think I need some sleep. I think I need a Saturday morning. I love Saturday morning.

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