kia ad update

The Kia commercial Update: E-mail 1: The blonde woman in the very beginning yells, “Betty!” and the other woman says, “Actually, it’s JANE.” And the guy with the mullet at the end yells “Betty” as well. I am 98 percent sure of this now.

Comment added: I thought he yelled “PARTY!” The first time I saw the commercial, I thought she (the blond) said “Oh yeah, well I just f—-ed Johnson at the prom!”

Now that would have been one hell of an ad. I’m still not sure. But I have had referrals with the search string: kia buck johnson and: buck johnson prom


  1. one less mystery in the world. sweet.


  2. The 8th wonder of the world.

    what did you decide, resa?

    (help me)


  3. you think it’s betty? see, I’m still thinking “Elaine!” but fuck if I know.

    and then one might ask, “why do you care, mihow?”

    And I might answer, “ASS YOU!”


  4. oh, i see. i have not seen the commercial since the discussion (how annoying is it when things like that happen?), but i was willing to go w/ your decision of “Betty!” 98% certainty seems good to me.


  5. i would never ask why you would care. it seems like a perfectly normal thing to care about. i wonder if there is some way to get the script from the ad? (google, here i come)


  6. ha

    Actually, freakgirl sent me that email. She’s usually dead on so I might be convinced.


  7. i’ll trust freakgirl.


  8. I’m pretty sure it’s Betty, but no one should ever trust freakgirl.


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