Make up

what is it with women applying make up while on a packed subway? Does that seem odd to anyone? I have always thought makeup is best used as an enhancement, something which brings out a part of your face you’re particularly pleased with or (maybe) to cover up a small blemish you’re not particularly pleased with. Whatever. A lot of make up is just odd (unless it’s used to make a drastic difference like all those goth kids in highschool—I’m all for making a statement). It seems just way too fake and shallow. No one actually believes you have lips which look like you just finished a fudgsicle or eyeballs outlined in black. No one has purple eyelids, powder does not naturally secrete from anyone’s pores. Why not try and take better care of yourself (mentally and physically) instead? There is no stage. You’re not fooling the girls and you’ll scare the beans from the men in the morning. And I find this so odd. But then there are the gals who take something like applying makeup (an already strange, personal act), and couple it with a subway packed with people? What the hell? And if we had slammed

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