the end of spihow

I’m going to be spihow till tomorrow. My head hurts. And I don’t feel like changing the image because spider-man looks cool. Much cooler then I do (unless I’m wearing my incredible hulk pajamas). Still no sign of my sandwich. And I wish I could open my coworkers up like they did in Jaws (part uno) and check the contents of their bellies to see if my sandwich turns up. But I’m sure that would make me gag, detective-work backfire, discovery gone bad. (That sounds like a Fox “News” title one might hear during a 8:45 commercial break). Let’s all do something nice today and NOT steal something from someone. Is that so much to ask? IS IT?! I will shut my face for now. But do take ease as you walk down streets as I am right behind you-lurking-wrists filled, waiting to shoot web all over your head.

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